Date written: 4th March 2014  
Location: Tallinn bedroom HQ
Condition: Slightly tired but comforted by a pot of white tea 

Happy Tuesday! 

Well what a week it has been! In the last 7 days since going live on the world of the interwebs things have been going quite nicely for us here at Stepsie HQ! We are truly elated with the response we have had and are very grateful to all those who have helped spread the Stepsie word both on and off the web. It’s amazing to see us being mentioned on sites like the Arctic Startup,  EntrepreWired,, GigaOm Research & The Next Web! A massive 'THANK YOU' to these brilliant bloggers for taking the time to write about us on their influential websites, it has help us cast our net afar. In the short time we have been up and running Stepsie has been used by people in 48 different countries, 17 different time zones and on 5 different continents. People from Stockholm all the way down under to Sydney have logged in, which is spectacular! We made the little graphic above to illustrate the coverage of Stepsie to date. The internet is truly an amazing & wondrous place :D 

When we started this project we were inspired to create, to start something which would allow us to move away from this tiring and partly destructive work model this globe have been operating under for the last century.  Stepsie is here to help encourage and spur people to start their own projects, kickstart their ideas,  to make a change, to invest in themselves and be a part of the connection economy.  We want to make project collaboration and management exciting and free flowing, so you remain enthused and motivated to see something through.  There is magic in taking that first step and starting something, but once you complete something and pop out the other end a new world opens up.  

Thanks again everyone for the support so far, the feedback and response has been unreal.  
If you are interested please subscribe to our blog by entering your email down below. In the very near future we will start up a blog series titled ‘The Adventures of a Thong*-strapped Startup’ which will aim to be a funny, insightful and inspiring story of the Stepsie journey.  
The Stepsie Crew
*A 'thong' is the Australian term for what the rest of the world refers to as a ‘Flip-Flop’ ;)

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