Date written: 9th May 2014   
Location: Reval cafe - Tallinn, Estonia 
Condition: Tops!
Our pricing plans were lame and complicated. We kinda followed what other SaaS set ups were doing. We realised it wasn't really great for you, so it's not great for us! So today we have changed them :)

Simple x Good + Free = Stepsie.  
We realised that whilst having a time based free trial is ok, 30 days is not enough for people to really test it out. People need time to get creative & start using Stepsie, so from now on we are offering everyone (and those already aboard) a Free Plan. This plan contains 2 projects, has unlimited timeframe and members, 150MB data all for the price of a breath of fresh air (free). So breathe in, sit back, then stand up and start creating! 

We want to look out for the student community. So Stepsie will remain free for students (you just need a student email to activate the account). So students, you'll have more money to spend on beer and by using Stepsie you'll now have more time to drink it, you beauty!
Our paid plans have been simplified to make it easy for you to decide which one fits. Those of you that have been around for a while might notice that we have changed the structure of our plans from users to projects. This means you can collaborate with as many people per project as you like at no extra cost. 
So here are the new offerings we bring forth to the webs:-

If you need anything more than the above simply get in touch and we can create a custom paid plan for you :) 

Please spread the free plan love and have a great week! 
Jono & The Stepsie Crew