Date written: 25th February 2014, 13:30pm 
Location: Chill-out Cafe, Bergen, Norway
Condition: It's launch day, so pretty bloody jolly!

G’day Stepsie Trendsetters!

It's here finally. After over a year of relentless work, late night sessions, international Skype calls, international flights, boozy brainstorming conversations and the crushing of fears and doubts ten times over, Stepsie is done and complete ready to serve those inspired to create! Today is lift off, the first major step in the Stepsie journey.  

Those who have been with us in the earlier days would know this really is our second go of the application launch. We had an initial false start, when we went live back in October 2013. At the time we weren't entirely happy with what we had produced, so we revisited and revised the site, now what we have is something we are truly proud of.  

At first we viewed this false start as a disappointing moment, a bit of a set back but now that we have had time to reflect on the turn of events we realised it actually turned out to be quite advantageous. It gave us an opportunity to work closer with our earlier adopters and refine the many small details, iron out all the bugs and get this machine running efficiently. Now Stepsie is ready for the world of the interweb, ready for the outliers, the trendsetters, for those daring folk who are keen to start something, to have a go and blaze a new trail in this world and spread new ideas.

This of course, will be our next challenge, the spreading of our idea. As with nearly all ideas, businesses, products, bands, religions, cults, and whatever else, you are entering a market that will have some, or often a lot of established players with similar offerings. Completely new ‘never been done before’ ideas are about as rare as rocking horse shit and don’t come around too often. Sometimes you may think you have a corker, ‘never been done before’ idea that comes to you in the midst of a weekend ‘trip’ down at Byron Bay. A real lightbulb moment. But in most cases, by the time you’re back at your desk come Monday morning, apathetically peering at your inbox through weary eyes under the operation of a somewhat scatty brain your ‘corker’ idea is to often downgraded to outright ridiculous, stupid or most commonly ‘damn, it’s been done before’. In nearly all cases, the real difference comes in your innovation of what came previously and how your new product is going to be more beneficial and useful for the user.

Myspace was on the scene prior to Facebook; Instagram is just Facebook minus bulk text and Twitter is just bulk text reduced. Each can perform basically all the same functions as one another, but each is individually better on certain unique features. I guess a similar trail was cut during the development of Stepsie. We improved and hacked on systems that were previously available as Project Collaboration and Management tools. We also implemented key Project Management principals we learnt and used over the years and applied them into our tailor made application. We built Stepsie because what was currently available as collaboration and management tools didn't suit or particularly impress us.

The result, well it’s like a Hendrix lovechild, a machine focused on getting it done! Stepsie is driven by the clever ‘step concept’ which allows a project to be approached with structure and logic, all the while maintaining the right level simplicity with a super intuitive UI…. It can also play a Stratocaster with its teeth!

So helps us spread the word because the world needs inspiration, the world needs those with great ideas to act on those ideas and make them happen. You have the ideas, Stepsie is your Catalyst. Get started, go create!

The Stepsie Crew!

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