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Free Plan Love

Date written: 9th May 2014   
Location: Reval cafe - Tallinn, Estonia 
Condition: Tops!
Our pricing plans were lame and complicated. We kinda followed what other SaaS set ups were doing. We realised it wasn't really great for you, so it's not great for us! So today we have changed them :)

Simple x Good + Free = Stepsie.  
We realised that whilst having a time based free trial is ok, 30 days is not enough for people to really test it out. People need time to get creative & start using Stepsie, so from now on we are offering everyone (and those already aboard) a Free Plan. This plan contains 2 projects, has unlimited timeframe and members, 150MB data all for the price of a breath of fresh air (free). So breathe in, sit back, then stand up and start creating! 

We want to look out for the student community. So Stepsie will remain free for students (you just need a student email to activate the account). So students, you'll have more money to spend on beer and by using Stepsie you'll now have more time to drink it, you beauty!
Our paid plans have been simplified to make it easy for you to decide which one fits. Those of you that have been around for a while might notice that we have changed the structure of our plans from users to projects. This means you can collaborate with as many people per project as you like at no extra cost. 
So here are the new offerings we bring forth to the webs:-

If you need anything more than the above simply get in touch and we can create a custom paid plan for you :) 

Please spread the free plan love and have a great week! 
Jono & The Stepsie Crew


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Hello from Helsinki

Date written: 4th April 2014   
Location: John & Nyström cafe - Helsinki, Finland 
Condition: Caffeinated & top notch 

G’day Stepsie users! 

Hope all is well in your world. It has been a little while since the last update so I wanted to touch base and let you know what has been happening. I’m just back from Tokyo where Nick and I met to work on the forward Stepsie roadmap. We actually hadn’t met in person since January 2013 so it was great to meet up! Obviously most of our communication is done over Stepsie, but for somethings you simply can’t beat good old fashioned face to face communication. This morning I wandered around Helsinki and was lured by the apt ‘Imagination is more important than knowledge’ quote in front of this cafe where I’m currently treating the last bit of jet lag with black coffee :)

Right now we have small but dedicated team working hard at making Stepsie the best collaboration and management platform out there for innovative and forward thinking companies and anyone who is passionate about making cool ideas happen!  We will strive to excel and are always looking to improve in all aspects of Stepsie from basic UI to additional features and customer support.   At present we have dedicated a lot of focus and time in testing and re-testing every facet of the platform in a bid to find every last bug that has hidden from us up to this point. We want Stepsie users to have an application that runs a smooth as possible. Getting the product completely free of bugs has been a very time consuming process but a necessary one.

Moving forward we want to shift focus on how we can improve on the application and we will look to introduce a couple of key features in the not too distant future. With this in mind however we do not intend on making Stepsie a feature heavy application, we love simplicity as much as we love effectiveness so we will always seek to strike the perfect balance.    

We will shortly begin creating a series of demo videos that can give you a better understanding of how you can use Stepsie for your projects and businesses in the most effective way. As the Step structure is more or less unique to our concept some users may feel a little misguided at this point. We however guarantee that once this becomes clear you will really love collaborating and managing projects with Stepsie. 

In the meantime if you have any questions at all or need a bit of guidance please drop me a line personally via: and I'd love to help you out.

All the best of luck with your ventures!


The Stepsie Crew

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Seven days in

Date written: 4th March 2014  
Location: Tallinn bedroom HQ
Condition: Slightly tired but comforted by a pot of white tea 

Happy Tuesday! 

Well what a week it has been! In the last 7 days since going live on the world of the interwebs things have been going quite nicely for us here at Stepsie HQ! We are truly elated with the response we have had and are very grateful to all those who have helped spread the Stepsie word both on and off the web. It’s amazing to see us being mentioned on sites like the Arctic Startup,  EntrepreWired,, GigaOm Research & The Next Web! A massive 'THANK YOU' to these brilliant bloggers for taking the time to write about us on their influential websites, it has help us cast our net afar. In the short time we have been up and running Stepsie has been used by people in 48 different countries, 17 different time zones and on 5 different continents. People from Stockholm all the way down under to Sydney have logged in, which is spectacular! We made the little graphic above to illustrate the coverage of Stepsie to date. The internet is truly an amazing & wondrous place :D 

When we started this project we were inspired to create, to start something which would allow us to move away from this tiring and partly destructive work model this globe have been operating under for the last century.  Stepsie is here to help encourage and spur people to start their own projects, kickstart their ideas,  to make a change, to invest in themselves and be a part of the connection economy.  We want to make project collaboration and management exciting and free flowing, so you remain enthused and motivated to see something through.  There is magic in taking that first step and starting something, but once you complete something and pop out the other end a new world opens up.  

Thanks again everyone for the support so far, the feedback and response has been unreal.  
If you are interested please subscribe to our blog by entering your email down below. In the very near future we will start up a blog series titled ‘The Adventures of a Thong*-strapped Startup’ which will aim to be a funny, insightful and inspiring story of the Stepsie journey.  
The Stepsie Crew
*A 'thong' is the Australian term for what the rest of the world refers to as a ‘Flip-Flop’ ;)

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