One and a half years ago we embarked on an adventure.  We left the comforts of a former life, one we knew well, one that was seemingly safe and took a step in another direction towards a goal of launching our first startup, a project management and collaboration tool.  We chose to no longer walk autopilot through the zone of comforts where each day is the same, where each day is almost guaranteed to replicate the previous. Instead we decided to wade through the discomforts and into unknown zones to see what awaits on the other side, for it's in risks & adventure that life becomes real and interesting.

What we hope to achieve through this series is to inspire and inform the reader.  The Stepsie crew is comprised primarily of four, late twenties blokes, with no previous start-up experience and not much IT know how.  All we had was an idea and the determination to have a crack. We believe great ideas bring great change, so we wanted to create a tool that inspired everyday people to take action on their ideas. In this blog series we would like to share with you the reader, the lessons we have learnt so far, tips on how to launch ventures, pitfalls to avoid, struggles & successes we’ve had (and continue to have), things to strive for as well as a bit of philosophical wisdom garnered from where we have been to where we are now.

We hope you get something good out of it!
Damon & The Stepsie crew