The Stepsie Crew

Jono Chatterton. Ideas Architect.

Jono is the creative mind behind Stepsie. At the age of two he began experimenting with screwdrivers and hammers and has an innate love for building things! He is constantly pondering new ideas and figuring out ways to improve things. A keen traveller with a broad outlook and questioning eye on the status quo, Jono is responsible for the overall Stepsie concept and development.

Damon Oudejans. UX & Satisfaction.

Damon is a fellow idea generator and concept sounding board. A construction manager turned nomadic idea explorer, his vision and thoughts are keenly sought after. A lover of good tunes and adventure. He has played a key role in the initial development of Stepsie and is responsible for user experience and satisfaction.

Andrea Magugliani. Marketing Sherpa.

Born in Italy, Andrea is the Marketing Sherpa for Stepsie. He has a Master's Degree in Development Economics and has been working for international organisation such as UNICEF trying to make a positive difference in the world. In 2010, while working for the UN in Nepal, he trekked with Vishnu the sherpa to Everest Basecamp at 5364m. Andrea is a passionate soul, a weekend photographer and compulsive traveller who has a love for cultures, new places and people. 

Nick Heaney. Innovation & Analytics.

Nick is an avid outdoorsman, lover of all things design and a member of the corporate landscape. With a background in management consulting and law, and a passion for all things start up, he brings a keen eye for continuous improvement and problem solving. Beyond an enthusiastic interest in innovation and analytics, Nick handles most of the Corporate functions for Stepsie.