An efficient little tool for
 creative collaboration

Big Projects. Small Steps

Build a project from Steps that make logical sense to you. With each Step defined, related tasks, discussions and files are grouped within it. Start with the structure in mind or jump forwards, backwards or sideways towards project completion.

Keep discussions in one place

Emails. Chats. Faxes and telegrams (If that’s the case, sorry mate.) Where’s that email sent two weeks ago? Keep project talk in Stepsie and never play detective again. 

What gets tasked, gets done

To complete Steps, create tasks and assign them to your team. Set due dates and collaborate, so everyone knows what to shoot for. Bang Bang. Another task was executed.

Management by enthusiasm

Spark a fire in your team’s belly and watch Stepsie light up with free-flowing ideas, shared files, feedback, and the energy of getting things done. Projects are fun again.

Nothing escapes your attention

Live activity feed. Notification emails. Global project alerts. You’ll know so much about what’s happening it’ll feel strange at first. Like having a drone in the sky with x-ray vision.

Learning curve? What learning curve?

Carryon beats heavy luggage. Simplicity beats complexity. So, instead of adding, we took away. Stepsie is clean, simple and easy to use. We promise you won’t need a manual.

Filter out the noise

Even fabulous projects produce noise and digital dust. Use filters and keyword search to instantly find what you need. So that another minute doesn't go to waste.

Private Steps

Maybe you don’t want to bare it all. When some Steps are confidential, or only relevant to a few, use private Steps. They’re only visible to the people you choose.

Safe and Secure

Stepsie protects your data and transactions with 256-bit SSL encryption, level 1 PCI compliance and automatic backups. Banks use the same technology. As they should.

We built it. We support it

We don’t send you to outsourced customer support. If you have questions, you should hear directly from Stepsie’s mouth, so to speak. Unless the FAQ helps you first.