Transparent, Flexible Pricing


Free Plan

2 Projects, Unlimited Members, 150 MB Storage
Yearly Renewal


4 Projects, Unlimited Members, 150 MB Storage

*Student e-mail required



7 Projects, Unlimited Members, 3 GB Storage



17 Projects, Unlimited Members, 10 GB Storage

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Can I try before I buy?             

Of course! We have a Free plan for anyone that wants to test it out. There is also an interactive demo that explains our key features and how it all works. 

When will I be billed?

For all paid plans you are charged when you select your preferred plan type. Monthly & annual plans will incur a charge at the start of every cycle. We will provide you with plenty of notice to ensure that there are no surprises!

Can I change my plan?

You have the flexibility to change plans or cancel at any time. With Stepsie's approach of upfront billing, when you cancel your plan, your most recent payment was also your last!

What plan is right for me?   

We have plans that cover most team sizes and situations. Select the plan that suits your current project, people and data demands and adjust plans as your needs change.

How do I pay for Stepsie?

You can purchase a selected plan with your Visa or MasterCard. SSL encryption and Level 1 PCI Compliance ensures that your data remains secure.

What currencies are supported?

We offer EUR, USD and AUD. Your local currency is automatically set based on your location so you don't need to worry about choosing one yourself.

Are you a student?

We were students once and know how far your money has to stretch. We want to give you a helping hand in reaching your goals, so we are offering a free plan to all students! All you need is a current student email and you are off and running.

Will Stepsie work on my device?

Stepsie will work on both Mac and PC computers, as well as modern smartphones and tablets. All you need is an internet connection and the latest version of Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

What If I can't find a plan that fits

Contact us at and we will craft a custom solution for you!