Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Dashboard?

The dashboard is a real time central interface used to navigate a Stepsie project. The dashboard gives a  snapshot of all the steps of the project so you can see everything on one page!

‘Dashboard’ is also a top tune by Modest Mouse.

So what exactly am I looking at on the dashboard page?

1. Top Toolbar 

1.1 Notifications Bell – This allows you to see a drop down menu of all the key action that  has happened across all the projects in that workspace.

1.2 Projects – This is a drop down menu that allows you to navigate between projects in that workspace.

1.3 Tasks - By clicking here you will be directed to a page which will display all the project tasks within the workspace. You can also filter individual projects within the workspace.

1.4 People - This function allows you to see all the people within the workspace. Here the workspace owner can give people admin rights.
1.5 Search – This is a search functionality. You can use this to find all items in a project through a key words search.
1.6 User Setting Access – A drop down menu will appear by clicking on your name next to your avatar which gives you access to your profile. You can also access support here and this is where you log out of Stepsie. If you are the workspace owner you can access the billing and plans page here.