Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Dashboard?

The dashboard is a real time central interface used to navigate a Stepsie project. The dashboard gives a  snapshot of all the steps of the project so you can see everything on one page!

‘Dashboard’ is also a top tune by Modest Mouse.

So what exactly am I looking at on the dashboard page?

1. Top Toolbar 

1.1 Notifications Bell – This allows you to see a drop down menu of all the key action that  has happened across all the projects in that workspace.

1.2 Projects – This is a drop down menu that allows you to navigate between projects in that workspace.

1.3 Tasks - By clicking here you will be directed to a page which will display all the project tasks within the workspace. You can also filter individual projects within the workspace.

1.4 People - This function allows you to see all the people within the workspace. Here the workspace owner can give people admin rights.
1.5 Search – This is a search functionality. You can use this to find all items in a project through a key words search.
1.6 User Setting Access – A drop down menu will appear by clicking on your name next to your avatar which gives you access to your profile. You can also access support here and this is where you log out of Stepsie. If you are the workspace owner you can access the billing and plans page here.

 2. Project Heading and project description 

2.1 Project Heading - You can easily edit this by clicking against the text and then save changes.

3. Members Icon

3.1 Members Icon – Here you can add people to your project.  

4. Calendar Icon

4.0 Calendar Icon – You can use this calendar application to set a due date for your project.  

5. Project Completion Indicator  

5.0 Project Completion Indicator – Here you can gauge how your project is progressing. This is based on tasks complete over total tasks created, within all the steps. For example if you have 2 steps, with 10 tasks of which 5 are complete, your project show 5/10  2

6. Activity Feed

6.0 Activity Feed - The activity feed is a live update of all the project activity.

6.1 Icon Indicator – Icons appear in the left column which indicate the type of activity. An avatar represents a discussion post or when a task has been allocated to a project member. A tick represents a tasks or a step completed. If a file is uploaded a thumbnail image of the file will appear.
6.2 Activity Feed Description – Gives a description of the activity, who created the action and under which step.
6.3 Date – represents when the item was created.

6.4 All activity
- By clicking all activity you will be directed to a page which expands the project activity beyond the five most current items.

7. Steps Header Bar

7.1 Step Allocation Filter – This allows you to filter so you can see which steps have been assigned to each member
7.2 + Step – Here you can add a new step.
7.3 Step Filters – Using these buttons you can filter the steps to show ‘all’, ‘overdue’, ‘in progress’ or ‘completed’. 

8. The Steps
8.1 Step Box This is a snapshot or a small view of a step. A step represents a key element or part of your project. The steps grouped together form the project at its current stage. The discussions, tasks and files housed in each step are those relevant to that particular step. The step box displays the three most current discussions in the above half of the box and the five most current tasks in the bottom half of the box. You can get an expanded view of the step by clicking the step title.

8.2 Step Heading – This is the heading of the step which is the name of the particular element or part of the project / idea / business. You can click on the step heading which then opens the step in a larger view.  

8.3 Step Completion Indicator – This is a percentage representation of the completion status of a step which is determined by the tasks completed. If there are ten tasks in total and five are completed it will show 50% completion. 

8.4 New Discussion- If you click into this area you can post a discussion from the dashboard page. 

8.5 Discussion Title - This is the title of the discussion, the most recent three are shown. The avatar indicates which user created the discussion thread. The date the discussion was created is also shown. 

8.6 Reply number indicator - This speech bubble icon shows the number of replies to that particular discussion. 

8.7 'Show all discussions' - If you click this icon it will pull up a list of all the discussions in the step.

8.8 New Task Entry - If you click into this area you can create a task from the dashboard page. 

8.9 Tasks - Here, the five most current tasks are shown.

8.10 Task Particulars - By hovering your cursor over this area you can edit and delete a task as well as set a due date and assign the task to a project member. The top task, as shown in the image you can see a due date has been set and it has been assigned to a member, as indicated by the avatar. You can also comment on a task and a comment is indicated by the speech bubble icon.

8.11 Task tick box - You can complete tasks from the dashboard page by clicking the task box.

8.12 'Show all tasks'  - If you click here you will pull up all the tasks beyond the five current shown. 

9. Shared Files, Project Settings and All Tasks

9.1 Shared files - All the files which have been added to the project can be accessed here, at the bottom of the dashboard page by clicking the 'show all files' icon.  The six most current files are shown as thumbnail images.

9.2 All files - By clicking here you can pull up all the files uploaded to the project. 

9.3 Project Setting - By clicking in this icon you can adjust the project settings. i.e the project name, description and due date. You can also add members here.

9.4 All Tasks - By clicking here you will be directed to a page which will display all the project tasks in the project.