Frequently Asked Questions


Can I upload files on Stepsie?

You most certainly can. You can upload many files to your Stepsie projects. The total number of files that can be uploaded will be determined by your plan type and the data allowance. We have allocated generous data allowances within each :)

How do I upload a file?

You can upload a file in two areas. The first, within a discussion post and discussion reply posts. The second, within a discussion post linked to a task. To insert the file you can either select the 'upload files' link which is at the bottom of the discussion text box or you can simply drop and drag files into the discussion box. 


How can I view files?

You can view the files within the discussion thread by clicking on the title hyperlink under the image thumbnail.  

All the files uploaded to the project are also accessible at the bottom of the dashboard page.  The most recent files appear as one row across the bottom of the dashboard page. To view all the files, simply click on the 'All files' link in the bottom task bar. 

What type of files can I upload in Stepsie?

You can upload all common files types. Including but not limited to photos, movies, pdf. documents, audio files, all graphics files and the like.

What files can I view in Stepsie?

In general you can view all photo files within the Stepsie application. A pdf. document will open into a new tab in your browser.  All other files will be downloaded and will then have to be open in the appropriate application.