Frequently Asked Questions


How do I create a project?

Once you have logged in, you will be directed to the "Projects" page which will look like the image below when you log in for the first time.

Click on the "Start a new project" button and an input box will appear where you can enter the Project name and description, set a completion date, invite team members and also create the initial steps. This information can also be inputted or edited later, so you can also invite more team members and create more steps within the project.


Who has the authority to create a project?

The person who created the Stepsie account and any user that has been given 'admin' authority has the access to create a project in a workspace. You can be a Stepsie user by:
a) creating an account or 
b) being invited to a project. 

How can I give a user 'admin' rights?

To give a user admin rights firstly you need to be the owner of the workspace. Select the 'people' link which is located in the header toolbar.

This will then pull up a screen of all the people in the workspace. To make a user admin simply hover the mouse over the user and select the 'admin' button that appears.


What is the difference between a workspace and a project?

The workspace contains all your projects. The workspace belongs to the user who has created the account. The user and all current members can invite any person into a project and thus into the workspace. The user has the option to give any invited member admin rights. The user who created the account and any member who has admin rights has the possibility to create projects within that workspace. Any user can navigate between projects and workspaces they have either created or been invited to.  

How do I navigate between projects?

You can navigate between projects from the 'Projects' drop down menu which is located in the header toolbar. This drop down menu will list all the projects within the current workspace.

How do I navigate between workspaces?

To navigate between workspaces go to the 'All Projects' page. To get here select the 'Projects' drop down menu which is located in the header toolbar. From here select the 'View All Projects' link at the bottom of the drop down menu.

This will bring up the 'All Projects' page as per the image below. The top box shows all the current project within the workspace. The bottom box is all the active projects within the workspace.

To navigate between workspaces, select the workspace drop down menu link at the top left of the page. As you can see in the image below, there are four workspaces that this user has access to.

How many users can I invite into my project?

All projects with Stepsie allow you to invite as many members as possible.

How do I invite people into a project

You can invite people into your projects in two ways. First, when you create a new project, the 'Create a new project' box will appear. Here you can add members by typing their emails in the 'Invite members' field.

The second way is from the dashboard page.  At the top right of the screen just above the activity feed box, there is an icon titled 'members'. Click on this and then select the 'add' button.

This will direct you to a box where you can add the future member's email address.

Can I remove myself from a project?

Only the owner of the workspace or an 'admin' user has the ability to remove people from a project.  To do this you must click on the members icon at the top right of the dashboard. Then under each avatar there is a remove button, click on this and the user will be removed!

How do I archive a project?

You can archive a project by first clicking the 'Project settings' icon located at the bottom left of the dashboard page.

This will bring up the project settings box.  To archive the project, click the archive link at the top right.