Frequently Asked Questions


What are steps?

Steps are at the heart of Stepsie's functionality. The fundamental elements of your project are broken down into Steps, which are essentially sections, or parts, that make up your project/business/idea.  Within each step the user can create discussions and tasks and upload files which relate to that particular element of the project. By creating steps and breaking the project down into parts the project develops a logical structure, and this allows for better organization and management which in turn drives completion. As the project progresses the Steps can be completed and archived. 

Here is an example of a Step titled Marketing as viewed from the dashboard page. All elements relating to Marketing are driven within this step. You can click into each step from the dashboard page, which will give an expanded view of the step.

How do I create steps?

You can create steps in two ways. Firstly, when you create a new project you can add steps from within the 'Create a new project' set up box. You can enter the steps in the 'Add a new step' field.

Or, alternatively you can add steps from the dashboard page by clicking the ' + Step' button located in the centre of the page under the activity feed.

When can I create steps?

Steps can be created at anytime throughout the project duration and you can have as many as you require.

How do I delete a step?

You can delete a step by first clicking into the Step via the dashboard page. From here click the Step Settings button at the bottom of the page. 

You can then delete the step within the settings function, by hitting the rubbish bin icon located at the top right.

How do I complete or 'check off' a step?

Completing a step is easy. You simply enter into the Step via the dashboard page, and then click the check off box at the top left next to the Step heading.

Also, if you need to re-open the step, you can just unclick the box and the step will be re-open!

Can I lock steps off from selected users?

You sure can. To do so, click into the step which you want to make private. Form here click into the step settings located at the bottom left of the step.

Then, select the 'Make private' link at the top right.

When you select the 'Make private' link it will automatically show all the members who have been invited into the project. To make the step private to selected members, remove those members whom you would not like to give access. Do this by clicking the x next to the members names.

You can also change a private step back to a public step by clicking the 'Make public' link at the top right.

Only the workspace owner and admin users have authority to make private steps.